• How many CryptoCache Signals are sent per day/week?

    The number of signals is based on overall market conditions. You can expect fewer signals during a bear market and more signals in a bull market. Results can vary widely, however, the average amount of swing trade signals for CryptoCache Premium is typically 2-6 per week. The average amount of day trade signals for CryptoCache Premium Plus+ is typically 2-4 per day.

  • What type of Signals does CryptoCache send?

    CryptoCache sends long and short trade signals for both spot and leverage trades. The CryptoCache Premium membership includes Swing Trade Signals while the CryptoCache Premium Plus+ membership includes Swing Trade and Day Trade Signals.

  • What trade strategy does CryptoCache use for Signals?

    CryptoCache’s conservative approach to trading and technical analysis has allowed him to develop trading strategies for all market conditions. Once you purchase your membership, you will have access to the current CryptoCache Trading Strategy that lays out specific risk parameters to follow while using CryptoCache Signals. CryptoCache Swing Trade Signals include 1-2 target entries, 3-5 profit targets, stop losses, and suggested isolated or cross-leverage amounts. CryptoCache Day Trade Signals include 1 target entry, 1 profit target, and stop loss.

  • How are Signals sent with CryptoCache?

    CryptoCache Swing Trade Signals are sent through the CryptoCache Premium channel on Telegram and/or Discord. CryptoCache Day Trade Signals are sent through the CryptoCache Premium Plus+ channel on Telegram and/or Discord.

  • What exchanges work with CryptoCache Signals?

    If you are planning to trade manually you are able to use any exchange you would like but we highly recommend using Bitget or BingX as your primary exchange. Sign up for Bitget/BingX with the link below to be eligible for promotions and community contests through CryptoCache.

    CryptoCache Bitget Referral Link:

    CryptoCache BingX Referral Link:

    If you would like to follow CryptoCache Signals automatically, check out the list of exchanges below that work with the Cornix Auto Trading Bot.

  • What is CryptoCache’s trade success rate?

    CryptoCache Signals have a historical 80-85% trade success rate. With a conservative and technical style of trading, coupled with a proven risk management strategy, CryptoCache can help you become a winning trader whether you’re brand new to crypto or an experienced trader.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Unfortunately, CryptoCache does not offer a free trial of the Premium or Premium Plus+ membership.

  • Do you offer customer referral discounts?

    Yes, if you refer a friend or family member who purchases a membership with
    CryptoCache, both parties will receive a $25 discount off your membership for 3 months. Maximum of 4 active referral discounts at any time.

  • Do you offer any discounts on memberships?

    Yes, we offer membership discounts for 25% off memberships for veterans and 50%
    off memberships for residents of third-world countries.

  • Do your partners offer any discounts to your members?

    Yes, check out our partners page for referral links to access discounts/perks on things like the Cornix Auto Trading Bot, VPN services, TradingView, and Exchanges.

  • How does the sign-up process work?

    After you register on the website, you will gain access to the CryptoCache Telegram Channel, the CryptoCache Discord Community, and the CryptoCache Trading University depending on which membership package you sign up for.

  • Will my membership rate ever change?

    No, as long as you continue your membership with CryptoCache your rate is locked in even if the membership price increases.

  • Do I need to wait until the 1st of the month to join?

    No, your membership will start immediately and will expire on the same day of the following month.

  • What is the difference between the CryptoCache Premium Channel, CryptoCache Premium Plus+, and the CryptoCache Channel on Telegram?

    The CryptoCache Premium Channel is where all Swing Trade Signals and Announcements are sent if you’re a current CryptoCache Premium member. The CryptoCache Premium Plus+ Channel is where all Day Trade Signals are sent if you are a Premium Plus+ member. The CryptoCache Channel is our free, public, Telegram Channel where we discuss all things crypto and trading.

  • What is the CryptoCache Premium Discord?

    The CryptoCache Premium Discord hosts the CryptoCache Community. Here you
    will find the most active CryptoCache Chat, along with specific day-trading, crypto news, fundamental events, and education channels among many more.

  • Is there a free CryptoCache Community Chat?

    Yes, you can find free Community Chats on Telegram and Discord.
    Telegram: CryptoCacheCrewChat: https://t.me/CryptoCacheCrewChat
    Discord: CryptoCache General Chat: https://discord.gg/PJv2gykpb7

  • Will I need a VPN to follow CryptoCache Signals?

    Whether you are following CryptoCache Signals by trading manually or with the
    Cornix Auto Trading Bot, if you are trading with leverage you will likely need a VPN depending on your location. In most places, you will be able to follow the signals and trade without leverage, also known as spot, without a VPN. If you need a VPN we highly recommend ExpressVPN. Sign up with the link below for an extra free 3 months with the purchase of a 12-month membership.
    CryptoCache ExpressVPN Referral Link: https://www.expressvpn.com/cryptocache

  • How do I follow the CryptoCache Signals automatically or with the one-click follow option?

    We have partnered with Cornix to allow you to fully automate the trades from
    CryptoCache Signals or allow you to follow the Signal with only one click. The Cornix Auto Trading Bot follows the Signals sent through Telegram and automatically conducts the trade for you with all parameters set to your own specific trading configuration. CryptoCache provides a list of recommended settings for your trading configuration upon sign-up.
    Cornix Referral Link (10% off): https://dashboard.cornix.io/register/CryptoCache

  • Will I need a Cornix Subscription to follow CryptoCache Signals with the Cornix Auto Trading Bot?

    Yes, if you would like to follow CryptoCache Signals by using the Cornix Auto Trading Bot you will need to purchase a Cornix subscription. To perform auto trading you will need the Intermediate or Pro level Cornix subscription. The main difference between the Intermediate and the Pro is that the Pro subscription includes the Cornix App. You can find more information about Cornix subscriptions at the following link.

  • Which exchanges work with the Cornix Auto Trading Bot?

    The Cornix Auto Trading Bot is compatible with Bybit and Binance Futures for leveraged trading. It is also compatible with KuCoin, Huobi, Binance, and Bittrex for spot trading. Visit the following link for more information.

  • How do I link the Cornix Auto Trading Bot to the CryptoCache Signals?

    Cornix provides great tutorials on how to connect your Cornix Auto Trading Bot to the CryptoCache Premium Telegram Channel. You can access the tutorial at the following link.

    You can also access Cornix resources and the support chat here:

  • What topics are covered in the CryptoCache Trading University?

    Topics covered include indicators, Fibonacci retracement, confirmation, trends,
    trading strategy, Portfolio management, trading styles, how to identify trades,
    candlesticks, timeframes, news, stop losses, profit targets, day trading, swing trading, patterns, portfolio diversification, risk management, risk tolerance, emotional training, mental strategy, mental health, and discipline. New content will be released regularly.

  • Where do I access the CryptoCache Trading University Videos?

    After you purchase your CryptoCache Premium or CryptoCache Standard membership you can access the CryptoCache Trading University through the Member Login page.

  • How do I connect my Telegram/Discord Account?